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YWXLight 10m SMD 3528 300LEDs RGB LED Strip Light(No Waterproof)


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1.RGB LED strip: 10m LED strip is long enough to cover the entire room and illuminate the entire place. The cuttable design allows you to adjust the length of the LED light to your liking. Very suitable for bedroom, living room, cupboard, party, Christmas, etc.
2.Multi-color and DIY: Ultra-bright and high-quality LED chips make LED lights rich in color and durable. The brightness of the light bar can be adjusted, and millions of different colors and 8 lighting modes (jumping, fading, blinking, etc.) are provided, and the 44-key infrared remote control is used.
3.Cuttable and connectable: LED lights can be easily cut and connected with other strip-shaped LED light strings, and can be cut for every 3 LED lights along the cutting mark. You can also customize the length of the LED lights, and they should face each other when connected.
4.Wide range of applications: RGB LED light strip is a suitable home decoration. The IP65 waterproof design allows the strip light to be used indoors and outdoors, such as courtyards, porches, camping cars, etc. Use color-changing lights to transform your home, suitable for kitchens, The ceiling, the back of the TV, desks, stairs, bars, etc.

Product specifications:
Led type: smd3528
Led quantity: 300 LED / 10 μ M
Drive mode: constant voltage
Color: RGB / red / Green / Blue / yellow
Different ways to change light: stroboscopic smoothing and fading

Product features:
1. Super long life: over 50000 hours on average
2. Competitive price and continuous length.
3. Self adhesive tape on the back for easy installation and installation.
4. The flexible strip can be bent around the bending, with durable quality.
5. Smd3528 top LED strip has high strength, reliability and brightness.
6. Smooth and light diffusion, solve the problem of uneven light, with the excellent effect of gray effect.
7. It is bright, but it works at low temperature and low power consumption.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.40kgs / 0.88lb
Qty per Carton 5
Carton Weight 2.00kgs / 4.41lb
Carton Size 35cm * 30cm * 35cm / 13.78inch * 11.81inch * 13.78inch
Loading Container 20GP: 725 cartons * 5 pcs = 3625 pcs
40HQ: 1684 cartons * 5 pcs = 8420 pcs


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