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Realand AL365D Fingerprint Time Attendance with 2.8 inch Color Screen & ID Card Function & WiFi & Access Control System & Battery


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1. 2.8 inch color LCD screen
2. Fingerprint sensor resolution: 500DPI
3. Communication: TCP/IP, WiFi, USB memory disk
4. User: 5000
5. Fingerprint capacity: 5000
6. Card capacity: 5000
7. Transaction capacity: 100000
8. Hardware Platform: REALAND Face 2960
9. Software OS: Windows XP/Win2003/Vista/Win7/Win8 /Win10 (32bit/64bit)
10. Identification Time: <1S
11. Authentication method: Fingerprint, Password, ID Card
12. Language: English, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Indonesian, Azerbaijani, Korean
13. Built-in timing bell (scheduled-bell)
14. Access control interface: Wiegand input/output(26/34), exit button input, door sensor input, bell relay, door relay, tamper input
15. Operating mode: Off-line/On-line
16. Battery capacity: 2200mAh
17. Dimension: 17.2×13.2×3.4cm

Certificate CE
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.06kgs / 2.34lb
Qty per Carton 10
Carton Weight 11.00kgs / 24.25lb
Carton Size 53cm * 52cm * 34cm / 20.87inch * 20.47inch * 13.39inch
Loading Container 20GP: 284 cartons * 10 pcs = 2840 pcs
40HQ: 660 cartons * 10 pcs = 6600 pcs

We will send the correct Plug Adapter that suitable for the Country in the shipping address:
Europe Plug Adapter (2 Pin Round Pin):
Europe countries, Africa, Middle East
USA Plug Adapter (2 Pin Flat Pin):
United States, South America, Caribbean, Canada, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan
Australia/New Zealand 2 Pin Plug Adapter:
Australia, New Zealand, Argentina
UK Plug Adapter (3 Pin Flat Pin):
England, Ireland, Scotland, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Maldives and Qatar
Due to package variations from suppliers, the accessories customers receive may be different from the images displayed.

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