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Outdoor Oxford Cloth Furniture Cover Garden Dustproof Waterproof And UV-Proof Table And Chair Protective Cover, Size: 115x115x74cm(Black)


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1. Material: Oxford cloth
2. Application: garden, balcony, living room, bedroom, etc.
3. Features: dustproof and waterproof, durable, environmentally friendly materials
4. 180x120x74cm: weight 430g, folded size: 25x22x2cm
5. 126X126X74cm: weight 350g, folded size: 25x22x1.5cm
6. 123x61x72cm: weight 230g, folded size: 20x20x1.5cm
7. 115x115x74cm: weight 320g, folded size: 20x20x1.5cm
8. 315x160x74cm: weight 780g, folded size: 30x22x3cm
9. 230x165x80cm: weight 650g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
10. 210x140x80cm: weight 550g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
11. 210x110x70cm: weight 430g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
12. 205x104x71cm: weight 435g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
13. 170x94x70cm: weight 350g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
14. 160x160x80cm: weight 500g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
15. 150x150x75cm: weight 445g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
16. 152x104x71cm: weight 350g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
17. 270x180x89cm: weight 900g, folded size: 33x22x3cm
18. 123x123x74cm: weight 330g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
19. 250x250x90cm: weight 900g, folded size: 33x22x3cm
20. 350x260x90cm: weight 1240g, folded size: 33x22x5cm
21. 120x120x74cm: weight 300g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
22. 135x135x75cm: weight 370g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
23. 200x160x70cm: weight 520g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
24. 127x127x67cm: weight 320g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
25. 325x208x58cm: weight 780g, folded size: 30x22x3cm
26. 45x40x25cm: weight 50g, folded size: 15x15x1cm
27. 215x135x75cm: weight 540g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
28. 250x200x80cm: weight 770g, folded size: 30x20x2cm
29. 190x66x89cm: weight 390g, folded size: 20x20x2cm
30. 255x130x80cm: weight 585g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
31. 255x255x80cm: weight 910g, folded size: 30x22x3cm
32. 330x220x70cm: weight 920g, folded size: 30x22x3cm
33. 115x115x70cm: weight 300g, folded size: 20x20x2cm
34. 90x90x40cm: weight 150g, folded size: 20x20x2cm
35. 180x150x80cm: weight 510g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
36. 120x60x90cm: weight 260g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
37. 330x220x90cm: weight 1065g, folded size: 30x22x3cm
38. 130x130x75cm: weight 380g, folded size: 25x20x2cm
39. 120x95x75cm: weight 290g, folded size: 20x20x2cm
40. 242x162x100cm: weight 800g, folded size: 26x22x3cm
41. 308x138x89cm: weight 760g, folded size: 26x22x3cm
43. 213x132x74cm: weight 510g, folded size: 25x22x2cm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.40kgs / 0.89lb
Qty per Carton 74
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 83cm * 83cm * 6cm / 32.68inch * 32.68inch * 2.36inch
Loading Container 20GP: 645 cartons * 74 pcs = 47730 pcs
40HQ: 1497 cartons * 74 pcs = 110778 pcs

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