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YWXLight 15m SMD 5050 LED Strip Light with 24-keys Remote Control (No waterproof)


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1. Application control kit, through the application to control the LED light bar, 24-key remote control and controller, the bar light has an intelligent music mode, the color of the light will change with the rhythm of the sound and music. Create a romantic, gorgeous and interesting magical atmosphere for your party
2. Timing LED strips, you can adjust the brightness of the strips to adapt to different positions. The LED strips have a memory function. When the strips are used again, they will remember the last mode setting, no need to set again. With the smart app, you can experience the timing function, the preset time is automatically turned on and off, 28 dynamic modes are for you to choose, and you can also create your own unique colors
3. A variety of scenes are available. LED light bars can be used to decorate your dining room, bedroom, stairs, porch, computer, desk, corner, bar, meeting room and living room, especially suitable for Christmas, Halloween, parties and other festivals and activity.
4. Easy to use and install, equipped with complete accessories, equipped with 3 rolls of 16.6 feet (about 5.0 meters) LED light bar, an AC power adapter, a 24-key remote control, a controller, an adhesive pad, 2 4 Pin connector, 4 buckles and an instruction manual. Easy to install
To purchase experience, please read the user manual carefully before using the light bar. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

How to use the app correctly?
The application name is "DuoCo Strip", please search and install the application in Google Play or Apple Store, or use the QR code on the manual/controller. Note: IOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 or higher is required. Your smart device should support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.
Step 1: Please download the APP "DuoCo Strip"
Step 2: make sure your phone has Bluetooth enabled
Step 3: Then the bar light is automatically connected to the APP

1. The light bar is not waterproof and suitable for indoor use. Please make sure the sticking surface is smooth, and make sure that the surface is clean, flat and dry before sticking the light bar.
2. The arrows should be connected on the same line. If the connection is not "arrow", the light will not work.
3. Before using the remote control, please pull out the transparent insulating sheet inside the remote control.
4. When using the remote control, please point the receiver to the controller and the remote control distance is 5 meters.
5. The light bar can cut every 3 LED light bars along the mark, but please make sure to turn off the light first, then cut off the light bar. If the light bar is cut off, you also need an additional power adapter to light it.
6. If you have any questions about the use of this application, you can refer to the setup guide at the upper right corner of the application interface (not necessarily in Chinese).

Packing list
1 x 6A power supply
1 x 24-key infrared remote control
1 controller
1 x manual
1 x adhesive pad
2 x 4 pin connector
2 x right angle connector
3 x LED strip
4 buckles

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.50kgs / 1.10lb
Qty per Carton 5
Carton Weight 2.50kgs / 5.51lb
Carton Size 35cm * 30cm * 35cm / 13.78inch * 11.81inch * 13.78inch
Loading Container 20GP: 725 cartons * 5 pcs = 3625 pcs
40HQ: 1684 cartons * 5 pcs = 8420 pcs

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