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YWXLight 10m SMD 5050 RGB IP65 Waterproof WiFi LED Strip Kit, Support Alexa Control APP


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1. 16 million colors of the three primary colors of RGB are mixed together, and the lights can be adjusted freely to make them more suitable for various scenes.
2. Support multiple color conversion, color customization and save mode.
3. The LED light strip integrates a high-sensitivity microphone, which can automatically recognize sounds.
4. The music mode will automatically change the color of the light according to the rhythm of the music.
5. The light strip has a memory function. When it is turned off, the previous light color remains unchanged when it is turned on again.
6. The group name can be modified to identify the controller group in the group, and the group name can be enabled and disabled at the same time.
7. Connect to the third-party platform Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa.

Length: 5m
Width: 1cm
Color: RGB
Gross weight: 386g
Protection level: IP65
Number of lamp beads: 150 LED work
Temperature: -20-55 degrees Celsius
Remote control: 24-key remote control
Linear beam: 5050 SMD LED
Control method: WiFi control, voice control, remote control
Application: Magic Home Pro

Package Contents:
2 x LED strip
1 x 24 keys
1 x 2AWIFI controller
10 x hanging buckle
2 x pin
1 x connector
1 x manual

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.50kgs / 1.11lb
Qty per Carton 12
Carton Weight 6.00kgs / 13.23lb
Carton Size 60cm * 25cm * 36cm / 23.62inch * 9.84inch * 14.17inch
Loading Container 20GP: 493 cartons * 12 pcs = 5916 pcs
40HQ: 1146 cartons * 12 pcs = 13752 pcs

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