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[US Warehouse] KITPOTEN 12 inch High Carbon Galvanized Balance Bike No Pedal Bike for Boys and Girls Aged 4-9(Black)


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1. Adjustable Handlebar & Seat: Fit for your child height as freely as possible, with the enhanced lock specially harnessed, no worry about the looseness, you kid can feel it sturdy.
2. Fit for 4 – 8 Years Old Normally: Our bike is designed for this age range, please refer to the size chart to see if this bike is fit for your kid in detail, we hope it is right for your choice.
3. High Denstiy Sponge Seat: Not easy to collapse & wear-resisting, also it is extended rear, which will fit your kid with more comfort & steady while riding.
4. Easy Set up: each bike comes partially assembled. Just assemble the wheels and the handle bar, adjust the seat height as your kid fit, then it is ready to go!
5. Wheel: 12 Inch
6. Max Load: 25kg

Package Weight
One Package Weight 5.30kgs / 11.68lb
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 11.70kgs / 25.79lb
Carton Size 94cm * 76cm * 58cm / 37.01inch * 29.92inch * 22.83inch
Loading Container 20GP: 64 cartons * 2 pcs = 128 pcs
40HQ: 149 cartons * 2 pcs = 298 pcs

OEM are Welcome! we can print customised artwork and logo

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