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Outdoor Egg Nest Folding Moisture-Proof Pad Thickening Nap Mat Portable Camping Mat(Purple+Black)


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1. Material: PVC, XPE
2. Uses: nap, camping mat
3. Applicable scenarios: mountain, plain, snow, grass, riverside, indoor, etc.
4. Waterproof and dustproof, the material is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell, light and easy to carry
5. The shape of the egg trough is soft and comfortable, and the air can be effectively retained in the nest of the egg trough, so that the thermal insulation layer is not squashed, saving space, and flexible in use
6. Weight: about 350 grams
7. Size: folded about 57×15.5×13 cm, unfolded about 188x61x2cm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.40kgs / 0.89lb
Qty per Carton 56
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 90cm * 89cm * 90cm / 35.43inch * 35.04inch * 35.43inch
Loading Container 20GP: 36 cartons * 56 pcs = 2016 pcs
40HQ: 85 cartons * 56 pcs = 4760 pcs

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