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Godox TT685S 2.4GHz Wireless 1/8000s High-Speed Sync TTL Flash Speedlite for Sony Camera (Black)


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1. TTL flash mode: Capture special moments easily and quickly
2. Multiple flash mode: Easy to record fast-changing actions
3. High line: 58m / 190ft (ISO 100, 105mm)
4. Auto/manual zoom: Within the range of 24/28/35/50/70/80/105mm
5. Flash recovery: 0.1-5 seconds, compatible with external power supply
6. Advanced function: FV lock
7. The flash head can be rotated -7 to 90 degrees forward and 0 to 360 degrees horizontally
8. There is a Sync plug and a 1/4 inch size bracket. You can mount this flash on a tripod or device with a 1/4 inch base. Supports high sync speed.
9. The wide panel can extend the flash range to 14mm, creating soft and natural lighting

1. Model: TT685S
2. Compatible cameras: Suitable for Sony SLR cameras (TTL auto flash)
3. Guide: 58/190 (at 105mm focal length, ISO 100 is measured in meters/feet)
4. Flash coverage: 24-105mm (wide panel is 14mm)
5. Auto zoom (automatically set the flash range to match the lens focal length and image size)
6. Manual zoom: Rotate/tilt the flash head, horizontal 0 to 360 degrees, vertical -7 to 90 degrees (bounce flash)
7. Flashing time: Less than 1.2ms
8. Exposure control system: TTL automatic flash, manual flash
9. High-speed synchronization: Provide (up to 1/8000s, the first act synchronization and the second act synchronization)
10. Strobe flash: Provide (1-99Hz)
11. Optical slave trigger: Provide (S1 and S2)
12. Recovery time: Normal flashing: about 0.1-5 seconds
13. Flash ready indicator: Red indicator
14. Effective range: 0.7-6m / 2.3-20 feet
15. Color temperature: 5600 + 200K
16. Power supply: Ni-MH battery (recommended) or 4 x LR6 alkaline batteries

Model TT685S
Material ABS
Guide No. GN60
Zoom Range Automatically set the flash range to match the lens focal length and image size
Flash coverage 24-105mm
Strobo Flash 1-99Hz
Flash Mode TTL
Flash Sync Speed 1 / 8000s
Trigger Mode S1
Vertical Rotation Angle -7 to 90 Degree
Horizontal Rotation Angle 0 to 360 Degree
Remote Frequency 2.4GHz
Color Temperature 5600K +/-200K
Flash Time Less than 1.2ms
External Interface Hot shoe
Effective Flash Range 0.7-6m / 2.3-20 feet
Size 190x64x76mm
Weight 410g
Power Source Ni-MH battery (recommended) or 4 x LR6 alkaline batteries (not included)
Package Include
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.62kgs / 1.37lb
Qty per Carton 40
Carton Weight 25.00kgs / 55.12lb
Carton Size 47cm * 42cm * 42cm / 18.5inch * 16.54inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 321 cartons * 40 pcs = 12840 pcs
40HQ: 746 cartons * 40 pcs = 29840 pcs

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