TI-465 TI465 Bluetooth Gamepad Game Controller Joystick for Android IOS TV Box EVG-550656


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Product Features:

  • This product is a wireless Bluetooth controller, which can be used in different platforms such as Android/IOS/PC.
  • 1) Don’t need to load any drive, just connect with the mobile phone bluetooth, and then you can use it.
  • 2) You have classical mobile game experience; the controller clip can independently on the table, as the phone holder to use!
  • 3) With built-in lithium battery (400mAh), it can be used for 20H after charging, which is security and stability.
  • 4) With the clamp, it can hold the mobile phone stably (The maximum size it can support is 6.0 inch mobile phone)
  • 5) With Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission function, it can be operated in 6-8 meters area.
  • 6) With humanized software design, it can enter power saving mode when it is under no connection status.
  • 7) Support android 3.2 and IOS 4.3 above system.
  • 8) Compatible with Win XP/Win7/Win8, Android TV box (which support Bluetooth function), Android TV.
  • 9) This mode only supports android 3.2+ version, under this mode, the Android games we have tested are as follows: Cordy, Riptide, Helium boy, Sleepy jack, Sonic 4 epl, ZENONIA2, Trial X 1,Grand Theft Auto III, Shadow gun (Need to connect the controller, and then enter the game self setting)
  • 10) IOS mode (iCade): For the corresponding games of iPad/iphone, we can use this mode to operate (such as temple run, etc.). When turn on the controller, we need to press the B button first and then hold the HOME button at the same time for 4 seconds to enter the Bluetooth search state. Once connected, the Bluetooth indicator will light steadily.
  • 11) iCade mode is only for IOS platform. The games supported under iCade mode: Midway Arcade – Warner Bros/PAC-MAN for iPad – Namco Networks America Inc. Games/Super Lemonade Factory – Shane Brouwer/Blast Ball – UNCADE/Gold Runner – YOMEN, Inc/Kung Fu Rabbit – Bulkypix/Retro Racing – Mr Qwak Limited/Muffin Knight – Angry Mob Games/Minotron: 2112 – Llamasoft/Velocispider – Retro Dreamer/No Gravity – Realtech VR/Super Mega Worm – Deceased Pixel LLC/Space Inversion – Silverline Arts/Sideways Racing – Bjango/Emerald Mine – Les Bird/Freeesh – Realtech VR/Commodore 64 – Manomio LLC/The Exterminator – SUMO Productions/IronStar Arena – Appracatappra, LLC/Compression HD – Little White Bear Studios, LLC
  • /Mos Speedrun – Physmo/Warblade HD – Edgar Vigdal/Plum Crazy – Claymore Games/HungryMaster – xionchannel/Cyborg Livestock – PopArcade/Space Inversion 2. – Silverline Arts/Stardash – OrangePixel/Super Drill Panic – OrangePixel/GoatUp – Llamasoft/Minotaur Rescue – Llamasoft/Bob's Action Racing – VariaMedia GmbH/Silverfish MAX – Chaotic Box/Match Panic – Chaotic Box/Retroid – Flat Black Films/Box Cat – Rusty Moy her/Fruity The Snake HD – 22Moo/Air Attack HD – Art In Games/Temple Run – Image Studios, LLC/Haunted Hallway – UNCADE/Hyper Bowl – Technocrat, LLC/Battle station – Crush Crumble/Jungool – Headsoft/Influx – Half Fast Games
  • Cautions:
  • 1) Please make sure the controller is fully charged in order to use it normally.
  • 2) Please delete other devices in Bluetooth to make sure it can be connected successfully.
  • 3) If the product can not be turned on caused by not being used for a long time or other illegal operation, you can use a sharp item to press the reset button at the back of the controller.
  • 4) Do not let children play this product.
  • 5) Do not disassemble the product by yourself.

Product Specifications:

  • 1) Working voltage: DC3.7V
  • 2) Working current: 38mA
  • 3) Quiescent Current: ≤2UA
  • 4) Charging input voltage: DC5V
  • 5) Current: ≤500MA
  • 6) Bluetooth transmission distance: ≥8M
  • 7) Battery capacity: 400MA/H
  • 8) Using time: 20H
  • 9) Charging time: about 2 hours
  • 10) The Maximum size: support 5.5-inch mobile phone

Package Contents:

  • 1x TI-465 wireless Bluetooth controller

This product is a wireless Bluetooth controller, which can be used in different platforms such as Android/IOS/PC. 1) Don’t need to load any drive, just connect with the mobile phone bluetooth, and then you can use it. 2) You have classical mobile game