Original HUAWEI Honor Hybrid Earphones AM175 Dynamic Driver EEP-524442


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Product Features:

  • Superb and Clear Sound
  • American Knowles pro balanced armature driver
  • Greater sensitivity and less impedance make it easier for earphones to produce sound and be driven. The Knowles balanced armature driver can get a good response from a weak signal.
  • The diameter of the dynamic driver has been especially adjusted to an ideal 10 mm to achieve this, and when used in combination with the Daikoku Japanese coil and American Dupont diaphragm, the mid/bass range produces an amazing sound which instruments and voice vividly display.
  • Innovative physical separation of frequencies yields clarity across low, mid and high ranges
  • Innovative physical separation of frequencies through design of a mechanical cavity structure enables formation of a filter so that the dynamic driver can handle the middle and bass frequencies and the balanced armature driver can create high frequencies, resulting in a clearer, crisp treble sound.
  • Exquisite Design
  • 50° deflection cavity design
  • Deflection cavity design exploits the principle whereby enlarging the diameter of the driver can achieve a wider EQ range and enhance the sound.
  • Ultra-modern appearance
  • Good earphones must be well designed. Too many flashing lights can make people feel uneasy. So we selected a matte design to contrast side by side with a processed shiny border. It's just enough to get people excited.
  • Flat cables with anti-winding properties
  • Pull-resistant wire with an additional TPE layer around the center to prevent bending and stretching, prolonging the lifetime of the cable. The core of the cable is made from oxygen-free copper with good electrical conductivity and less signal distortion.
  • 3.5 mm gold-plated plug
  • 3.5 mm gold-plated plug effectively prevents oxidation and reduces signal transmission loss for authentic sound reproduction. The superior short-circuit protection design with 1 mm of additional plastic insulation avoids losing the connection with the phone or microphone.
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Convenient wired-control buttons
  • Built-in separately control-buttons: Answer/end button, volume control buttons, easy to answer/end calls, play music, and control volume.
  • Ear pieces available in all sizes
  • Three different ear piece sizes (small/medium/large) Select the most suitable size so that you can wear the earphones for a long time without feeling tired.
  • Silica gel material
  • Soft, safe silica gel material which can be used with sensitive skin. Enjoy the delight of music.
  • 50° angle design
  • 50° angle design achieved through widespread ergonomic research using data sampling to enable an improved fit with the ear canal for added comfort and noise reduction.

Product Specifications:

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    Brand: HUAWEI
    Color: White, Rose Gold, Light Grey
    Material: TPE (Eco-friendly)
    Style: In-ear
    Range of Application: Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, MP4, MP3
    Rated Power: 5mW
    Frequency Range: 20 – 20000Hz
    Earphone Plug: 3.5 mm, 4 pin, gold-plated
    Spec Performance Features: Two (each earbud has one 10 mm dynamic driver and one balanced armature driver)
    Button: Answer/end button, volume control buttons
    Net Weight: 19 g / 0.67 oz

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Original HUAWEI Honor AM175 Hybrid Earphones
  • 3 Pair of Earmuffs

Superb and Clear Sound American Knowles pro balanced armature driverGreater sensitivity and less impedance make it easier for earphones to produce sound and be driven. The Knowles balanced armature driver can get a good response from a weak signal. The di