Car HUD Head Up Display A8 Car Alarm System OBD2 EUOBD Interface RTH-551252


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Product Features:

  • Introduction:
  • This HUD is designed to reflect your vehicles computer information onto your windshield offering a safer driving experience day to day as well as more importantly at high speeds and during night driving. As it removes the need for the driver to dip their head to view the instrument cluster. Installing this unit correctly will enable you to more effectively monitor your speed, this is helpful for novice drivers as well as experienced drivers in potentially avoiding speeding infringements. The A8 HUD uses the most up to date technology throughout both its hardware and software as well as aesthetical design boasting a unique and elegant shape in its aesthetic final assembly.
  • Features:
  • Compatible with all cars & trucks with OBD2 or EUOBD interface
  • 5.5" color display;
  • Multi color design makes the screen easier to read highlight important details for quick viewing;
  • The use of nanotechnology to eliminate unwanted reflections making the information easier to read;
  • Driving mileage and consumption
  • Ability to display a huge range of car statistics including: speed, engine rotational speed, water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage measurement, shift reminder, fatigued driver reminder, low voltage alarm, high temperature alarm, speed alarm, engine fault alarm, fault code elimination, ability to change units e.g. Kilometer/mile
  • Auto power on and off with the vehicle
  • Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode ]
  • HUD installation procedure:
  • Ensure your vehicle is OBDII compatible or EUOBD.
  • Check around the area under the steering wheel for an OBD plug
  • Contact your vehicle manufacturer or search online
  • Open the bonnet and look for a OBDII compatible sticker (this is NOT on all OBDII compatible cars, therefore isn't a deciding factor)
  • Locate the 16 pin diagnostic link. This is usually located in the area under the steering wheel.
  • Start vehicle' s engine and ensure power switch is in the on position.
  • HUD will power on with engine
  • If the HUD displays vehicle voltage, fuel consumption, speed and rotational speed the unit has installed correctly.
  • Failing the above: Wait up to one minute for software to sync and confirm OBD cable is plugged in properly.
  • Reflective film installation
  • Using the unit without the reflective film may result in a double image observed by the user depending on the windshield. If you see a double layer it is due to the windshields dual layer construction and you should install the film by following the instructions below.
  • Place the supplied non-slip mat in the desired position on the dashboard with the HUD on top.
  • Observing where the HUD reflects place the reflective film in position.
  • Ensure the surface is clean and dry before installing the film;
  • Remove the back protective side marked (1) and attach the film to the clean windscreen;
  • Once you're satisfied with the location use a credit card or similar to remove any bubbles or air pockets that remain;
  • Remove the front side marked (2), if you need to adjust the HUD's reflection, reposition using the nonslip mat
  • Note:
  • 1. OBD2 / OBDII interface HUD:
  • Suitable for Europe and North America cars, it can only be applied to Vehicles with OBD2 interface manufactured after 2003. For Asia, it can be used to cars with OBD2 interface manufactured after 2007
  • Do not support cars with OBD I and JOBD interface (Japanese OBD)

Product Specifications:

  • HUD Type: OBD2 HUD
  • Barometric press:86-106KPa
  • Relative humidity:10%-95%
  • Environment voice:<=60dB
  • Alarm of sound level:>=30dB(A)
  • Work voltage:9V~16Vdc(12Vdc/400mA)
  • Environment temperature – 40 0C- +80 0C
  • Size of product:12.5*7.5*1.5(cm)
  • Weight of product:110g

Package Contents:

  • 1 x HUD
  • 1 x OBD Cable
  • 1 x Reflecting Film
  • 1 x Anti-slip Pad
  • 1 x User Manual

Introduction: This HUD is designed to reflect your vehicles computer information onto your windshield offering a safer driving experience day to day as well as more importantly at high speeds and during night driving. As it removes the need for the driver